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      December, 18 2021
Dan Chi is super-talented, works fast, does an amazing job, and makes you feel pampered. Thank you so much! The salon vibe is laid-back and positive.
      August, 09 2021
      September, 06 2020
Juvie is the best stylist l have ever had professional, friendly and so knowledgeable . THANKS JUVIE !
      November, 14 2019
I’m a long time customer for over 30 years. Juvie is the best with any cut, color, styling and special occasions. She gives the best recommendations for your hair type and keeps in mind how much time you have to maintain your daily hair routine. I usually bring in a picture with a cut and style and Juvie makes my hair even better. I highly recommend this salon, it’s the best one out there!
      September, 02 2018
I had a wonderful experience with Sierra! She listened to my requests carefully and made sure my hair color was EXACTLY how i wanted it before i left. Would highly recommend seeing her for highlight... Thank you Sierra for making me feel so comfortable at Givae
      January, 03 2018
II visited Givae for the first time on Dec 30. I wanted to insure my hair was healthy for the new year. I talked with the young lady over the phone who helped me understand the procedure for the Botanical Therapy Treatment and trim. She was very nice and helpful and scheduled my appt. for 9:30a the next day. I came into the salon and met with Dan-Chi. I was very dissappointed in the finished look of my hair. I told her repeatedly that I do not use heat on my at all but my appt was for the Botanical Therapy treatment and Trim/Cut. Right off the back she seemed confused about what that meant exactly. So I repeated to her what the young lady over the phone had told me. and she quoted me a price that was $20 more than what the young lady over the phone had said. Not a problem, we continue to the shampooing area, where she was very gentle with my hair. However when she started to comb the botanical treatment through my hair she chose a very fine tooth comb. I could feel the comb getting snagged in my curls and I told her repeatedly that I use a wide tooth comb sometimes but I mostly finger detangle my hair. She started explaining that the fine tooth comb helps to coat all of the strands of the hair better than the wide tooth comb. While that may be true, the fine tooth comb was making my split ends worse or creating them. Then finally we get to the styling chair and she blow dries my hair with a comb and 2 different types of brushes causing more tangles. I know she was trying not to cause more breakage, but I'm sure she did. Then she proceeded to flat iron my hair with 380 degree temp. She passes the flat iron over each strand of her like 5 times. She says "it's warm heat". My hair did not look any more straighter than the blow dry. So I had already told her that I do not normally put heat in my hair but I needed a trim. And she asks me if I wanted her to turn the heat up higher? I thought to myself " Are you kidding me? YOU, a professional, can't tell that the heat needs to be turned up for my texture hair? Of course!! I would like to look like I just stepped out of a salon when I am paying you to do just that!." I just told her "NO". I didn't want her to touch my hair anymore. It took all of my will power not to take the fine tooth comb, the blow dryer, and the flat iron away from her so I could show her how to do my hair (while she was at at stage). All the while she kept telling me about how she takes courses on African American hair and she has worked with African American hair more course than mine. And how amazed at how easy it was to comb my hair. She could save her stories, I more concerned with how well you can do MY hair. And let me tell you, Dan-Chi got a big ole "F". I would like to return to that salon but someone will have to do my hair.
      February, 24 2017 - Ashley
Certified Review
Great salon, stylists and it is comfortable and cozy inside! Highly recommend!
Services received :
  • Bangs with Holly
      February, 24 2017
      February, 20 2016 - Lena
Certified Review
Best service I have ever had. Professional, friendly, and excellent work
Not sure I have any
Services received :
  • Partial Highlight touch up + Cut with Sebastian
      January, 06 2015 - Kathryn
Certified Review
Love Juvie and her entire staff.....great place!
Services received :
  • Color Touch-up with Cut with *Juvie

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